Sox and Monkey discuss Episode 1 of Dollhouse, “Ghost.” We continuously apologize for the quality of sound and hope you can bear with us through this first episode as there are more dulcet tones to come (and we’ll be editing on a file with TWO VOCAL TRACKS!).


When Sox obnoxiously quotes “I PUT THE TEAM ON MY BACK, DOO” it’s from this We found it in college at some point. You know how these things go.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is a real and serious (and fascinating) affliction. Here are some sources that provide equally real and serious insight: MultiplicityAndMe ( is the youtube channel of a woman named Jess who lives with DID and is very candid about her condition. This is a fascinating lecture ( she did for university students outlining the differences between herself and her alters and how she goes about her daily life with DID.

This last link is from a documentary from 1993 filmed and directed by Michael Mierendorf. ( At the time Dissociative Identity Disorder was referred to as “Multiple Personality Disorder” which is no longer the accepted term. The two subjects in this film are amazing examples of individuals who overcame their respective challenges to live with their condition and went on to help educate the world on what it means to have this mental disorder.

Great stuff, IMO.

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