In this premier episode of Endure and Survive: A “The Last of Us” Podcast, Sox and Monkey kick off Giraffe Watch 2018, they discover that these people are obsessed with nature pix, and explore the moral ambiguity in both our heroes and their enemies.

Big thanks to our good friend Doctor Strangely Literal for contributing to this episode! If you would like to reach her, you can find her on twitter @StrangelyLiterl.

David Attenborough’s sage words about the amazing Cordyceps virus can be found here:

Aubrey Plaza’s rant on Cordyceps (from Legion S1E6: “Chapter 6”) can be found here:

If you don’t know about the Milgram Experiment:

Additionally, Sox is now aware that Nolan North did not play Batman in the Batman Arkham series, but The Penguin, however, the statement that he is in EVERYTHING still holds true. So suck it.

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