In this episode of Endure and Survive: A “The Last of Us” Podcast, Sox and Monkey discuss GIRAFFES, how the Firefly’s hate is a major mystery, and also, Marlene DOESN’T EVEN KNOW.

Unending thanks to Dr. Strangely Literal, whose show notes can be seen below. Find her on Twitter at @StrangelyLiteral. 

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Fever! 1974:

Mary Mallon’s very own Wikipedia:

“Did Black Death boost HIV immunity in Europe?”

“Biologists discover why 10% of Europeans are safe from HIV infection”

Penny Pinneo survived Lassa infection, Obituary:,-a-pioneer-in-combati

Also, the alternate ending:

Also also, the Ladyboss song:

Also also also, there’s a comic book about Ellie and Riley: